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DIY Hair Detangler and Nourishing

DIY Hair Detangler spray

This is a very easy homemade hair spray to be prepared that comprises only natural ingredients and which is proven to work efficiently That’s all!    

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DIY for Whiter Teeth

Amazing DIY for whiter teeth

It’s better and more efficient to replace teeth whitening treatments with a homemade ones as they save time, money and multiple trips to the dentist. There is no risk in using homemade treatments even though people with sensitive teeth may feel some degree of pain. It is normal.  

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Anti-cellulite cream & Coffee Scrub

Anti-cellulite & Coffe Scrub

Cellulite is a woman’s worst enemy and it has no age or weight restrictions! it is so stubborn fat with ugly dimples on your stomach, thighs and arms, that seems almost impossible to get rid of. It’s a Brazilian secret! That’s why Brazilian women have amazing seemingly flawless toned bodies. Also many dermatologist use this secret charging you high prices for this ...

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DIY Cream for Stretch Marks

PicMonkey Collage

Looking for cheap but efficient way to get rid of or prevent stretch marks? Then take a look at the recipe below which I love and use regularly, and for which I guarantee maximum results. However, don’t forget that diet is of a paramount importance to help skin stay more elastic.

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12 Uses of Natural Argan Oil

Argan oil

People throughout the world have takes the advantage of the argan oil benefits to cure skin infections, bug bites, skin rashes and furthermore men and women seeking use it as moisturizer for skin and hair. It is rich with vitamin A, vitamin E, anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Research shows that when applied to skin, it eases inflammation while moisturizing the skin. ...

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