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Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Face Mask and Scrub

Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Face4

As many of us are unsuccessful in fighting the stubborn acne I found a complete mask with various ingredients that not only eliminates acne-related problems but also deeply nourish your skin. It is very easy to be prepared and there may be a great chance that all the ingredients are already in your kitchen.  

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Egg Yolk and Olive Oil Hair Mask

Egg Yolk and Olive Oil Face mask 2

Egg yolks: are rich in proteins, vitamins, and nurturing fatty acids, which will make your hair shinier, softer, and stronger, and will assist in a faster growning as well. D Vitamin promotes new growth and keeps split ends at bay. All vitamins A, D, and E within yolks help in preventing hair loss and thicken hair. Olive oil: strengthens and softens, which is ideal ...

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11 Beauty uses of Tomatoes

PicMonkey Collage

Who said beauty can be achieved by spending a lot of money only expensive cosmetic products? Whether you consider so, then I tell you that it is a big mistake. Usually cosmetic products use synthetic ingredients which can be harsh on the skin as well as heavy on the pocket. So I advice everyone go natural to obtain a natural ...

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Simply Honey mask ===> nourishing, acne fighter

Hydrating mask manuka honey+coconut+nutmegg

Simply honey Honey is one of the most nourishing skin care ingredients which can be used in all homemade masks.  Used in raw form, honey naturally moisturizes and can help improve various stubborn skin conditions. It has antimicrobial properties thus being a good Honey keeps skin looking and feeling young, as it is robust with antioxidants.

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Cinnamon spice it up mask ==> rejuvenates, heals skins


For medical purposes cinnamon regulates blood sugar and even boosts your metabolism. On skin, cinnamon acts as a stimulator of blood flow leaving your skin looking alive, awake and rejuvenated. Combined with honey, cinnamon has a very effective healing for many skin problems. Do not put too much cinnamon in this mask since it will make your skin feel irritated ...

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Eggs & Coffee face mask ==> rejuvenate and nourish skin

egg and coffee mask

Eggs & Coffee face mask This duo might sound interesting. You are very likely to use coffee for drinking and eggs for eating, separately of course. Regardless of how strange it sounds, coffee and eggs are two skin care ingredients that can truly nourish and rejuvenate your skin. A great ingredient to comprise a DIY facial scrub is coffee. You ...

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Cameron Diaz beauty tricks

Cameron diaz

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