7 Steps to get rid of worries

How to get rid of worries

1. Change Vocabulary

When we have a difficulty we immediately tend to cateogorize it as a “problem” and invevitable we start to feel
When presented with a difficulty people who tend to worry label it as a “problem” and often feel stuck or powerless to do anything about it.

Non-worriers on the other hand reframe the “problem” as a challenge or an opportunity.

The language you use is much more than plain semantics because words matter. Every word you think or speak carries its own energy.

Consider for a moment how words like LOVE, JOY and BLISS make you feel and contrast them with HATE, ENVY and ANGER.

Most of us subconsciously associate “problem” with negativity, that something is wrong and needs fixing, whereas challenge or opportunity are both more empowering terms.

Although it doesn’t change what you’re facing using empowering language puts you in a stronger mental state to handle any challenges, overcome worry and use your creative powers to find a solution.

This is the first step in making the shift from worrier to warrior.

2. Most of your fears do not happen

It is important to realize that most of our fears don’t ever happen. This is the first step to kicking the worry habit. I once heard a saying that said there is no use rushing out to meet Old Man Trouble because half the #time he will turn around and go the other way. This is so true. Reminding myself of this helps me to put my fears into perspective.

3. Set a time to worry


Does this sound silly to you? It might, but it can actually work. If you find that you are worrying excessively, you can tell yourself you are only going to worry at a certain time each day. Set a time that you will allow yourself to do nothing but worry. When the temptation to worry strikes after that, remind yourself that you will worry about that at the set #time and not before. This can actually help you.

4. Stay In The Present

What if they don’t say yes? What if I fail? What if this doesn’t turn out well?

A worrier will spend countless hours going over scenario after scenario of their situation and playing it out in the worst possible ways.

Instead of asking themselves what they can do right at that moment to get the most positive outcome, they will sit and do nothing while their mind wanders into the future.

Imagine if this was you with your new business. If you are forever thinking about “what ifs” without ever dealing with the here and now, nothing will take off, nothing will get done.

5. Ask Yourself What Is Needed Right NOW

Now that you have pulled yourself into a more positive purposeful place, it’s time to move your feet. Ask yourself what action is needed right now. What must happen first? Who else can help you? What action can you take in this moment to move closer to your goal? Do not fall back into over thinking things. Trust your instincts and identify the critical sequence of steps that need to happen for you to achieve your goal. Prioritize your actions and check in to see who can help you.

6. Plan

Sometimes making a hypothetical plan can help you to deal with your worries and #fears. If there is a specific worry that haunts you, get tough with dealing with it. Think about what you will do if it ever actually did happen. Having a plan can make you feel more empowered, then this worry will not hold the power over you that it once did.

7. Deal with stress with exercise

Exercise is great to help you deal with worry and stress. It is a great stress reliever. It is not unusual to feel much calmer after a good workout. This is because exercise releases endorphins which make you feel happier. #Exercise is not just good for you physically.

These are 7 things you can do to deal with worry and kick the worry habit. What do you do when worry gets overwhelming for you? Please share your tips so others can benefit from them!

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