How to Make your Nose Appear SMALLER


I’m sure that many of us have not the tiny, pointy, cute, perfect nose, but despite its irregular form we can still be pretty because each different feature makes us unique. However some may perceive themselves as abnormal, very different from the others which may lead to serious problems such as low self-esteem, frustration, lack of confidence or depression. But be aware! most of the cases are purely the result of a  negative and pesimistic thinking, so you first have to give a serious thought if it’s you or your appearance. As I met lots of people who really hated their nose due to its size I made an in-depth research and found the most relevant article which assists you in making your nose look smaller without any surgery.


 1) Apply Foundation

Take the foundation you normally use and apply it as you do to your entire face. Make sure the color closely matches your skin tone on your face. Blend the foundation to right below your jaw area.

2) Apply Contouring Powder

Start by taking a good look at your nose and follow these contouring tips.

1) If you have a very wide nose, contour the sides of your nose in parallel lines centered with the vertical lines on your nose. Make sure to blend them well just to the inside tip of the brow at the top.

2) For a nose that is wide on the bottom, contour just the bottom side and curve the line out to the side of each nostril.

3) For a wide nose tip, make an arrow down from the tip of the nostril to the tip of your nose and then contour on the sides of your nostrils.

 3) Apply Dark Powder

Use a mineral powder or blush that is about two tones darker than your natural skin color to brush into the areas you need to contour.

1) A brush with a good edge will be very helpful in making just the right contour lines. An eye shadow brush with angles works best.

2) Draw lines from top to bottom very lightly so you can blend them easier.

4) Blend Your Powder

Use your powder brush to blend your foundation, loose powder and contour powder. This will help keep a very natural look.

1) Follow the contouring lines you created, but blend out into the face.

2) For just the nose tip, blend the powder down between the nostril area.

5) Apply Translucent Powder

Use a translucent dusting powder that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone to dust the very center of your nose.

1) Use the largest fluffiest brush you can find.

2) Start at the top of the nose and brush to the bottom of the nose.

3) Brush until all the powder is well blended.

Source: Newhealthguide

How to make your nose appear smaller Make your Nose Smaller - No sugery2 Make your nose smaller with no Sugery
Make your nose smaller without surgery34

Make your nose smaller without surgery

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