How to get Thicker Eyebrows

We don’t know if it’s Cara Delevingne, but lately we have seen a ton of thick and full eyebrows. It offer obviously more youthful look and almost everyone looks better with fuller brows.
As many of you already done the damage with a pair of tweezers and your brows aren’t returning back? Here are some tricks that may help you:

1) Adjust them with a pencil or powder

Use a shadow special for brows for a more natural, softer look. With an angled brush, apply the brow shadow on just around your brows, but certainly without exceeding too much the natural brow line. For covering big spots, such as a scar a eyebrow pencil would be more effective. Apply it in the same direction in which the hair grows.

2) Identify the Right Shade

Whether you use a powder or pencil, you have to pick the colour which is very close to your natural color of eyebrows (not necessarily same as the hair on your head). If you can’t find the right one, try a shade lighter. Thus you will avoid getting a too-dark hue.

3) Stay away From the tweezers

Unfortunately, usually it takes quite long for eyebrows – from 6 to 8 weeks – to grow out, so in this interval you should try to step away from tweezing if you want for a fuller look.

4) Use oils

Rub small amount of coconut oil on your brows a few times a week just before going to bed. It does good both to skin and hair, and it assist in protecting those tiny strands from damage.

How to get Thicker Eyebrows

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